One of the premium natural and organic local bakeries in the Asheville area has had their product removed from the shelves at Earth Fare.


Imagine if you had a thriving business which lost 30% (my estimate) of your power of distribution!  Appears that ASAP has done a great job at Whole Food’s Greenlife where Annie’s is still sold and produce dept. has a multitude of local and regional offerings.


You can help the Buy Local movement and Annie’s in particular.  Voice your concern at Earth Fare.


Be awake, aware and healthy, my friends.



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Been a year and a half since my last post here.  I became frustrated with the lack of feedback and support after sending over 30 emails to alert folks to the blog.

Now, I am “royally pissed!” and writing an Op-Ed to the Mountain Express in Asheville.  If published it may spark enough interest for continuation of this effort.

Stand by, friends.  Be AWAKE, AWARE and be healthy.

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Is the new Greenlife telling the “Whole” truth

Change is inevitable.  It is the natural course of events.  The dilemma is, what is the source of the power that controls change. And who does it serve?

It seems clear to me as I watch the de-volution at Greenlife in Asheville that “more is less”.  The”moire” being the larger corporate entity bringing less quality (organics) and transparency. This sense of mine has a core belief that quality is life enhancing, quantity tends toward less life enhancement and a multiplication of “whatever” is produced or sold.  The devil (or angel) is in the details.

I have watched closely as Whole Foods made the following changes at Greenlife:

   Sweet baked goods were 90% organic, now 10% organic.

   Deli section almost devoid of organic ingredients, celery, carrots, etc.

   “Living Foods” items, which were the only deli items 100% organic, slowly changing week by week.  Last visit showed 6 of 8 selections were non-organic.

   Hot soups for take-out. Several selections were organic. There are now no organic soups available.

   Deli Take-Out Section, with items like dips, sandwiches, sushi now nearly 100% non-organic.

   The hot bar has changed dramatically. Much more selection (quantity), but Sysco Foods Inc. provides items for the bar.  See article on Slate website for details on Sysco.

   Labeling at the hot bar is such that I must ask each time I prepare a plate about every selection – none are labeled organic.  Greenlife, before becoming “Whole” provided transparency by labeling organic items.  At Earthfare an entire section (the salad part) is labeled organic and some selections like rice and quinoa are labeled organic.  I can then assume the remainder are non organic.

   Meat department… Before becoming “Whole” Greenlife signed all its fresh poultry with a provider id. Signs read “Rocky Jr”, or “Petaluma Farms”.  No such labeling exists at the “Whole” so I must ask each visit.  Recently my inquiry told me the provider had been changed from Petaluma to Bell & Evans.  A check of B&E’s website checks it out as equal to Petaluma — free range…no antibiotics or growth hormones…all vegeterian feed.  One important difference– B&E’ ships product air-cooled whereas Petaluma keeps in water.  Air-cooled poultry does provide better taste and consistency.  Plus, most water is filled with chemicals.

   Whole Foods “365” brand of organic packaged products like almond butter, jelly, ketchup does give an organic product at a greatly reduced price.  Here is where quantity and quality both show up, due to the corporate buying power.  I purchased “365” brand organic ketchup at $1.99, nearest organic competitor was over $4.00.  The more expensive product did use agave as sweetener which I would prefer, but I chose the organic “365” brand with organic cane sugar.

   A gem of an organic section at Whole Foods is the fresh hearth-baked bread section.  5 to 6 selections, fresh-baked each day, all organic ingredients.

   Speaking of bread I am noting such delineations as “flour”, “wheat flour” and, believe it or notk, “white whole wheat flour”!  I c

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Movement purpose & scope

This movement has been started to :

Provide  information on practices and protocols of   Asheville’s health food stores.

Allow for a forum atmosphere to allow consumers to communicate their experiences and concernsabout the food they buy/eat.

Dissipate a growing concern among consumers abouty the food they buy/eat.

Allow for a leadership position by healthy food providers by creating transparency regarding details of how foods are grown and prepared.

The blog will regularly publish information about the amount of organic vs non organic food available from week to week and detail changes as they occur in the retail stores.

Asheville consumers will be invited to “join the union” in order to show support for transparency.

Consumers can join at any one of 3 levels;

Level One:  Pledge to volunteer for “watchdog patrol duty”, eat organically, read signs/labels regularly and question clerks about product, and encourage others to eat organically.

Level Two:  Eat organically, read signs/labels, question providers, encourage others.

Level Three:  Move toward eating organically, monitor the “union” web blog, spreaed the word about the union.

More to come.


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Hello world!

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